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RedStream Technology

DevOps Engineer Remote, United States

DevOps Engineer
-Contract Remote position (based in Central or Eastern United States)

RedStream Technology is recruiting for a DevOps Engineer to work with a global management consulting company that is rapidly moving from a traditional IT context to the digital era by embracing Agile principles. You are right for this role if you are a highly skilled developer with an SRE mindset excited at the prospect of engaging in this transformation.

What You’ll Do

You will work in small teams (including product managers, developers, and operations staff) in a highly collaborative way, use the latest technologies, and enjoy seeing the direct impact from your work. You’ll also combine Agile with expertise in cloud, big data and mobile to create and maintain custom solutions, in a way consistent with SRE principles, that help clients increase productivity and make timely decision. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Development, implementation and operation of IT systems and processes supporting SaaS applications and platforms
  • Automation of provisioning, quality controls, security auditing and maintenance
  • Continuous measurement and improvement of efficiency of operational activities and resources


  • Desired knowledge in specific technologies programming languages: Python, Golang, Ruby, JavaScript and others
  • IaC languages: Terraform, Ansible and others
  • CI/CD tooling: CircleCI, Jenkins, GitHub, and others – either of them
  • Test automation frameworks: test-kitchen, awspec, inspec and others
  • Public cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Containerisation: Kubernetes, Docker, helm
  • API life-cycle management and message bus technologies: APIgee, Kafka and others
  • Web front-end and database products: Nginx, Postgres, Mongo, Redis
  • Monitoring and data analytics tools: Splunk, Elastic, Prometheus, Grafana, AppDynamics and others
  • Networking experience: load balancing, network security, standard network protocols (HTTP/s, DNS, etc.)
  • Operating system experience: Linux, Windows
  • Experience in project coordination

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