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RedStream Technology

Front-End Developer Austin, TX

Front-End Developer

-Hybrid Contract position (Austin, TX – 90% remote, with occasional in-person)

Are you a technically proficient Front-End Developer who can design, prototype, and develop high-quality, best-in-class, accessible interactives and, occasionally, data-driven visualizations? And are you also passionate about engaging content & visual, interactive storytelling. If so, RedStream Technology has the role for you.


No two days will be alike in this role, and you’ll need to love that. Daily responsibilities include working with experts across the organization such as editors, designers, product teams and other developers. You’ll be part of the team that advances the company’s capacity to deliver world-class interactive solutions that matter to users. As a key member of the communications team, you’ll create reusable modules and templates, as well as custom-made experiences, to support the company’s novel interactive storytelling. You’ll join a fully remote team dispersed across the U.S. and be psyched about overlapping with an East coast-based team for at least 6 hours a day. Occasional meetings with your supervisor at a local coffee house will be part of the gig.

About You

Your past work experiences will have seen you bring your creative vision and technical acumen to leading publishers in the past (e.g., New York Times, Financial Times, The Atlantic, Washington Post, LA Times, and the like). You love to build the bike while riding it, ready to pursue fresh approaches to storytelling while testing new approaches to technical puzzles. You will have a rich cache of interactive and/or data storytelling experiences to share — that demonstrate both your core technical competencies with HTML/CSS/JS and frameworks (such as React and D3), as well as your expertise building dynamic editorial content.

What You Have

  • Ability to work in a distributed design and development team
  • Capacity to be an early thought partner with business sponsors to assess the technical feasibility of developing solutions around a conceptual idea
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills paired with an unrelenting urge to develop creative and efficient solutions
  • A distinct customer focus and quality mindset
  • Excellent relationship-building, leadership, and communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure with a solid sense for setting priorities
  • A preference for working in a team-based and collaborative environment
  • Knack for coaching and mentoring team members to follow good creative and engineering practices


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in software development
  • Strong fundamentals in computer science and software development best practices
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of HTML and jsx component hierarchy
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of CSS (Flexbox, CSS Grid, CSS custom properties, Sass)
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of JavaScript (Functional Programming, ES6+)
  • Expertise in cross-browser responsive development across all modern platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and tablets)
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of a modern React stack (hooks, functional components)
  • Background in building data-driven interactives using D3
  • Fluency with package manager like NPM/Yarn
  • High comfort-level with module bundlers like Webpack
  • Understanding of Git and Github


  • Exposure to Continuous Development, Docker and related tools
  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, GoCD
  • A/B Testing tool experience (like with Adobe Target)
  • Understanding of a unit test library like jest
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent work experience) preferred

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