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RedStream Technology

Python or PHP Developer New York, NY

Full-Stack Developer
-Permanent On-site Role (mid-town Manhattan location)

RedStream Technology is recruiting for a Full-Stack Developer to join the IT team of a growing alternative investment manager specializing in bank credit and bank capital. In this role you will engage in the design and implementation of proprietary software applications for portfolio management and deal modeling, analyzing and creating management tools.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Analyze and improve data design and modeling of existing structured credit products
  • Build front-end user interfaces utilizing JavaScript libraries and Python or PHP
  • Design and create reports utilizing MySQL database, PHP, and other server layer languages for the operations and risk management group
  • Consult with users to review and facilitate modeling of potential deals, develop pricing analytics, preferably using C++
  • Combine business analytics and knowledge of fixed-income products to develop software applications for use across the firm
  • Create datasets to display output in different formats, including web pages, spreadsheets, graphs, and charts
  • Provide ongoing information systems support to ensure full portfolio-management functionality across departments


  • Technical Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript/JavaScript frameworks (Node.js or Angualar.js)
  • C++ is a plus
  • Sencha is nice to have
  • 5+ years’ experience, preferably working in a small development team within the financial industry
  • Exposure to multi-asset portfolio management, including Equities and Fixed Income, is a plus

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